Rules of the online booking system


1. General Provisions 1.1. Trading through the online ordering system (hereinafter referred to as Store), belonging to Šiaulių autodota, UAB (hereinafter referred to as Seller) is carried out in accordance with these rules (hereinafter referred to as Rules). 1.2. It is assumed that the person who orders the goods and confirms these Rules by clicking the link “I agree with the rules”, is familiar with the rules and unconditionally agrees with all the conditions. 1.3. After filling out the query user becomes Customer (hereinafter referred to as Customer) of the Store who acquires the rights and duties set forth in the Rules. 1.4. Seller shall have the right at any time to restrict or eliminate the rights of customer or queries or orders, if the Customer fails to comply with the conditions set out in the Rules. 1.5. Having regard to the Lithuanian legislation Seller shall have the right at any time without giving prior notice to the Customer to change, edit or supplement the Rules. The new Rules take effect from the date of posting them in the Store. Customer orders placed before the change to the Rules are executed according to the Rules valid at the time of placing the order. 1.6. Seller is not responsible and will not reimburse the Customer’s damage that result from non-compliance with the conditions laid down in the Rules.

2. Price of goods and payment arrangements 2.1. In the goods order the prices include VAT. 2.2. The fee for transportation is set when the order is formed, before its approval. 2.3. The Customer can pay for the ordered goods by one of the following means: 2.3.1. Pre-payment by bank transfer, stating the order number. 2.4. When placing the order, Customer obliges to pay for the goods on time. The purchase and sale agreement is deemed concluded on the moment the payment for the goods is received in the Seller's account. 2.5. When it is paid in advance, Customer agrees to pay within 5 working days of order confirmation receipt from the Seller. If, within the given time limit Buyer fails to pay for the goods into the Seller's account, the order is annulled.


3. Ordering of the Goods 3.1. The Customer chooses the necessary goods and places order to the Seller. Customer-confirmed order is sent to the Seller automatically (by pressing "Order"). 3.2. Each time the Customer approves the order, he/she confirms that he/she agrees with the Rules in force at the moment. 3.3. When confirming the order, the Customer shall verify that all his personal data is correct. Having found a discrepancy Customer undertakes to rectify the data and only then confirm the order. 3.4. Order of the goods is started to execute: 3.4.1. When Customer selects the pre-payment, after writing off the money into Seller’s account; 3.5. When filling the order, Customer states the individual characteristics of the goods, quantity, the person who will take the goods (when they are to be taken not by the Customer), preferred delivery time and other data required for delivery of the goods. 3.6. When the customer wants the goods to be delivered to another address or to be received by any other recipient, he/she shall state in the order the new delivery address and recipient data. If stating the different recipient only pre-payment for the goods is accepted. 3.7. The order is deemed placed to the Seller only from the moment when the Seller receives it. 3.8. Seller accepts and confirms only correctly filled orders. 3.9. The Seller automatically confirms the order, placed by the Customer, and begins to execute it upon receipt of payment to the Seller’s account.


4. Delivery and serving the goods 4.1. When Customer selects prepayment, the Seller agrees to deliver the goods to the Customer within 1 working day after order payment confirmation receipt if the item is in the central warehouse, in other cases the goods are delivered within 2-3 working days or within other seller’s specified time limit. 4.2. Seller delivers the goods engaging the third parties, couriers. Couriers, before delivering the goods, if necessary, have the right to contact the Customer and check the exact time in which the Customer will accept the goods delivered. If no other goods-accepting person is stated in the order, Customer himself must take the goods. 4.3. In the cases where the Customer cannot receive the goods on agreed time, he shall immediately notify the goods delivering courier and Seller by phone. 4.4. If the goods are delivered to the Customer-specified address and on agreed time, but the Customer cannot be found, the Customer has no right to bring claims against the Seller for delivery of the goods. 4.5. Customer shall carefully inspect the goods quantity, nomenclature and quality at the time of transfer. When accepting the Goods the Customer must sign the Goods delivery documentation confirming that the goods have been delivered to him. 4.6. Customer must express all comments on the apparent lack of goods in writing when accepting the goods. Customer can state claims for latent defects of Goods in writing no later than 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of the Goods. 4.7. Seller agrees to deliver the goods to the place and on time specified in the order. If it turns out that the Seller is unable to deliver the Goods on provided time, it shall promptly notify the Customer. 4.8. After the Customer has paid for the Goods, Seller shall send Customer an invoice (if the customer chooses). 4.9. Seller is exempt from liability for breach of terms of delivery, if the breach is due to Customer's fault.


5. Product warranty 5.1. Seller states that the Goods are in accordance with usual quality requirements raised for such goods. 5.2. Warranty period begins on the moment of the Goods delivery to the Customer. Product warranty terms are stated in the Goods warranty documents or when no particular period is give, on the basis provided for in the Lithuanian laws. 5.3. During the warranty period if the Customer contacts the Seller for the faulty Goods, the Seller directs the Customer to the Goods manufacturer's warranty service centre. 5.4. Seller is not responsible for deterioration of the Goods quality, if the Customer or the persons to whom Customer gave the Goods, used them for other purposes than for which such goods are commonly used, violated instruction requirements, violated goods transportation, storage, use and/or warehousing rules, also when visible packaging or other external defects were not covered in writing during transferring or deterioration in the quality of goods is caused by actions of the Customer or any other persons to whom the Customer has sold the goods.


6. Return of the Goods 6.1. Defects of the Goods sold to the Customer shall be eliminated, faulty Goods replaced and returned following the Item Return and Replace Rules, approved by Order No 217 of the Lithuanian Minister of Economy of 29 June 2001 Approval Item Return and Replace Rules. 6.2. Having purchased a defective piece, you have the right to return us such product within 7 (seven) working days from the date of its delivery to you. In such event the defective product is replaced by a high-quality product for free or you are returned the money paid. 6.3. If the part is not suitable for your vehicle due to our fault, we replace the product and pay the costs related with delivery of replacement goods, or pay your money back. If the product was not suitable due to Customer's fault, replacement costs shall be borne by the Customer. In the case when the part was not suitable due to the customer's fault the amount is refunded after deduction of the delivery price. In any case part return is possible only within 7 (seven) working days from the date of its delivery to you. 6.4. Goods shall be returned according to the following conditions: 6.4.1. Returned item must be in its original orderly packaging; 6.4.2. Goods must be not damaged by you; 6.4.3. Goods must be of marketable appearance (its labels and security pellicle, etc. in place) (this does not apply if defective goods are returned); 6.4.4. The returned item must have the same configuration as when it was received; 6.4.5. Goods have not been used; 6.4.6. Consumer goods characteristics are preserved; 6.4.7. Products haven’t lost their market look. Packaging changes needed to inspect the goods shall not be considered substantial damage or loss of merchantable look. 6.5. In order to return the product back to us in the cases referred above, you must inform us by contacts from contact section. 6.6. In the cases when the goods are changed and there is the price difference, you have to pay the price difference.

7. The parties' rights, duties and responsibilities 7.1. The parties' rights and obligations shall be implemented taking into consideration the Rules of Goods Sales Service Provision when the Contracts are Awarded by Means of Communication, approved by Order No 258 of the Lithuanian Minister of Economy of 17 August 2001 Approval of the Rules of Goods Sales Service Provision when the Contracts are Awarded by Means of Communication. 7.2. The customer has the right to: 7.2.1. Buy the Goods being sold in the Store for the given price in accordance with the Rules. 7.2.2. Refuse from the purchase and sale contract made using the means of communication, informing the Seller in writing about it within 7 (seven) working days from the date of delivery of the Goods, if the item has not been damaged or its appearance has not changed substantially. 7.3. The Customer shall: 7.3.1. Using the Seller's Store services to follow and comply with the provisions of these Rules; 7.3.2. Not disclose his login information to any third parties; 7.3.3. Submit Seller the orders filled observing the order set out in these rules; 7.3.4. Pay for the Goods purchased in the order set out in the Rules; 7.3.5. In the case of change of personal data given in the registration form, immediately update the data; 7.3.6. Familiarize with the Store’s Rules.


7.4. Seller has the right to: 7.4.1. At any time stop the Store’s operation; 7.4.2. Change, update and edit Rules; 7.4.3. Change the range and prices of the products sold; 7.4.4. In the case of Customer's intentional acts to the detriment the Store or Seller, without notice to restrict or terminate Customer’s registration and access to Store’s services. 7.4.5. Cancel the Customer's order, when the Customer is late in paying, if at ordering the Goods he selected pre- payment; 7.5. Seller shall: 7.5.1. Sell the ​Goods and according to the laws issue to  the Client who paid for them, Goods sale and purchase (cash payment) evidencing document; 7.5.2. Sell ​​the Goods, together with their appurtenances and accessories in the state that meets Customer-selected example; 7.5.3. Deliver the Goods ordered under the conditions specified in the Rules; 7.5.4. Ensure that only safe, satisfactory quality, complex products are sold; 7.5.5. When selling non-food items, issue the Customer the guarantee certificate, accurately and clearly stating the Product quality guarantee period, if such term is defined for the Goods sold; 7.5.6. Sell the Goods which are subject to a shelf life in a timely manner, for the Customer had the real opportunity to use the Goods before its expiration. 7.5.7. Give the Customer the necessary, correct and complete information about the Goods sold in official language; 7.5.8. Upon Customer's request give additional information about the Goods being sold; 7.5.9. Under the conditions foreseen in the Rules to allow the Customer using shop services. 7.6. Customer is responsible for the accuracy of his personal data and login data safety and non-disclosure to the third parties. 7.7. Customer is responsible for his actions made in the online shop. 7.8. Seller is not responsible for any losses arising because the Customer failed to familiarize with these rules, although this option was given. 7.9. Seller is not responsible for the third-party advertising published in the Store neither for correctness of such information. 7.10. The parties agree that in the event one of the parties becomes responsible, the guilty party shall indemnify the other party for direct losses.

8. Other provisions 8.1. The Rules are compiled following the Lithuanian legislature. 8.2. Relations provided for in the Rules are governed by the Lithuanian law. 8.3. The Parties undertake to solve all the disputes concerning compliance with the Rules through negotiation. In the case of failure to settle the dispute through negotiation, it shall be solved in court in the place or Seller’s domicile.